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one step closer to being a disney princess

Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker and Naomi Campbell morph into Disney characters for Barneys new Christmas windows

Barneys fashion force has teamed up with Disney's animation know-how to create a highly entertaining fantasy film for its holiday windows.

The animated short called Electric Holiday, to be shown at Barneys' Madison Avenue store in New York, features Minnie Mouse staring longingly at a Lanvin dress, before she is transported to a fashion show with some of the fashion industry's very real favorite characters.

Front-row favourite Sarah Jessica Parker, model Naomi Campbell, music icon Lady Gaga and Vogue's Anna Dello Russo are just a few faces that were given Disney's animated treatment.

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And in case you missed it, recent Gaga news: she donated 1 MILLION dollars to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief, and got a new tattoo that says "R†O" for her time in Rio.
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